Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Urbino Science 4/4/12

Economist Resistance to Antibiotics

mould/ mold healthy
underdose throat
prompted rein in
stand alongside inappropriate
haunted diluted
despite strict
fair understanding hence
laziness Aid agency
perverse financial incentives charity
sheer bad luck safeguard
threat link
come to pass counterfeit
gnaw away unwitting
misuse mushrooming
colds popped
Self-indulgence sterner
useless against the grain
to rid smart
surgeries slogan
prescribed breakthrough
guilty never been bettered
over the counter Empty-handed
human reaction vessels target
congresswoman Brute-force
Four-fifths pipeline
livestock axed
bugs shifted
stay in hospital befall
chronically ill flashy
tuberculosis effects
troublesome boutique
calculus emporia
think tank take a chance
to turn to drop
dearer patent
burden soluble
state of affairs scourge
counsel of perfection moral hazard
resonance Life-enhancing
trick a shame

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