Friday, 4 January 2013

Exam details

The exams will be in 2 parts.
1st a vocabulary test - 30 minutes - for synonyms or meanings of the vocabulary listed in the posts on this blog from October 2012 to the exam date.
No assistance of any kind allowed. No dictionaries, no computers, no phones, no notes, etc.... nothing except a pen for writing the answers.
There will be 40 vocabulary questions worth 0.5 marks each (total 20 marks).

2nd a comprehension test based on a similar article to the ones posted on the blog - 30 minutes.
Notes, dictionaries, internet dictionaries (e.g. google translate or word reference) allowed.
No communication of any kind (e.g. talking, writing, phone calls, SMS, IM, Skype, etc.) allowed unless it is to ask the invigilator, and ONLY the invigilator, a question.

10 questions - 1 mark each (total 10 marks).

No assistance will be given with any answers.

My mother is extremely ill and I may have to postpone any lessons or exams at short notice so you are advised to book any travel at the last moment.
Tim Wills

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