Saturday, 26 April 2014

Exam tomorrow in Macerata

For those that took the spreadsheet on USB the first three columns were missing.
Here they are:

abroad bullish custom
account for burden deals
accrue call centre dear
advertising capped debate
ambivalence care demise
ardour carrot depth
aspire Catch-up derail
assets cemented deregulation
Attack-ad chain design
back office chump displacement
bad press claims distasteful
bargains clearing house dodgy
be had clinging on dole out
beasts conceal downturn
belonging concerted efforts
benign concession Drop-out
big chunk conduct duration
boil constituency earthworm
boosting constrained
borrowing binge converge effort
bounty cooler measures elite

Cost-benefit endure
bowing to counterpart equipped
bulk counterparty risk erode
collaborative consumption frame of reference draw conclusions

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