Monday, 7 April 2014

Macerata Economics - 7/4/14

original word synonym
marvel wonder
heist robbery
aspire hope
match equal
Money-ness ability to be money
stable store reliable way to save
tuck away save
yardstick point of reference
holdings possessions
clearing house place of exchange
fees costs
wallet place to keep money
prone susceptible
plunder robbery
bullish optimistic
soaring rising very high
tracking fund e.g. index fund
take a punt speculate
retailers shops
exchange rate e.g. €1= $1.40
wages money for work
fall short not attain
frame of reference benchmark
quirk oddity
capped limited
neat in order
greases lubricates
keep pace stay with
hoard save
downturn recession
minted create money
worryingly a cause of worry
boosting promoting
saving grace redeeming factor
havoc chaos
faith belief
withdraw take out
demise collapse
stem slow down